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Witch hunt has never been more exciting!

Test your nerves with your team on this road full of mysteries and puzzles, with one ultimate goal – KILL THE WITCH!
The game is created for 2-5 persons and lasts 60 minutes.

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Kill the Witch 1 Kill the Witch 2 Kill the Witch 3 Kill the Witch 4 Kill the Witch 5 Kill the Witch 6

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Experience the unforgettable magic orient!

In this exciting game you and your team are magic lamp hunters!
Your goal is to find the lamp within 60 minutes and set the genie free. He is the only one that knows the way out.
Follow the leads, solve the puzzles and set yourself free before it is too late....
The game is created for 2-4 persons.

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Aladdin 1 Aladdin 2 Aladdin 3 Aladdin 4 Aladdin 5

Our hunters!

We have many satisfied Witch hunters and Aladdin’s lamp hunters.

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Address: Gospodar Jevremova 12, 11000 Belgrade, Dorcol
+381 61 296 26 74
+381 61 296 26 94
Working hours: 11:00-23:00

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